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Ending Disparities in Reading Proficiency

One of the most important factors impeding the social and economic mobility of minority and poor children is the failure to ensure that they learn to read proficiently. The National Assessment of Educational Progress found that, for 2022, only 33% of fourth grade students were proficient in reading (2 percentage points lower compared to 2019), while 37% lacked even basic skill.  The magnitude of the challenge our nation faces is indicated by the number of children who face life-long difficulties due to inadequate reading skills. The inability to read proficiently is one of the strongest predictors of academic success/failure, school dropout, and psychological and behavioral problems that undermine wellbeing.

A Fun and Effective Reading Program Available to Your School

Every Child Reads (ECR) provides excellent evidence-based high impact tutoring in reading to children who are just learning to read or in need of extra instruction. 

Research on the Science of Reading has shown that every child can be taught to read if they have a curriculum that teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 


The challenge has been to help teachers meet the diverse learning needs of the students in their classrooms using an effective curriculum. 


Even the best evidence-based curriculum does not work for every child.  If you have students who are not succeeding with your curriculum, we can help you by providing supplemental tutoring.

We are building a nationwide effort to end reading failure.

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Every Child Reads offers

Effective Reading Instruction

Backed by the latest science of reading methods, Every Child Reads ensures your students learn to read with clarity and confidence.

Fun and
Fool-Proof Lessons

With carefully controlled sequences and engaging activities, Every Child Reads makes learning to read an enjoyable experience for your students.

Training and Ongoing Support

Our Coaches at Every Child Reads provide training, as well as ongoing support for everything from specific reading skills to positive behavior motivational strategies.

No-Cost Solution to your school

That's right! Every Child Reads is provided at no cost to you, ensuring equal access to quality reading education for all students.*

* Pending Funding

Research Validated. Child Approved.


“Since starting this program, our kindergartner has shown tremendous growth in his reading. We have enjoyed the time we get to spend learning together and he loves to read us stories now. His teacher is impressed with his abilities and the program complemented the kindergarten curriculum very well.” 

Kate, Parent

Every Child Reads uses the web-based app, Funnix, which draws on that rich fifty-year history in phonics-based Direct Instruction education. Funnix teaches all the skills necessary for children to learn to read: phonemic awareness, phonics, oral reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

The four main features of Direct Instruction ensure that students learn faster and more efficiently than with any other program or technique:

  • Students are placed in instruction at their skill level.

  • The program’s structure is designed to ensure mastery of the content.

  • Instruction is modified to accommodate each child’s rate of learning.

  • Programs are field-tested and revised before publication.


Funnix works well for students who have some reading skills, but are seriously behind their grade level and will provide these students with the practice needed to master reading skills and build self-confidence.

Funnix was not designed to entertain, but you and your students will find it entertaining. It was not designed to be something your student does independently — it is not a video game — but you will both find it fun and easy to use.

Learn more at about Funnix.

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