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Values to Action will guide your community toward its full potential. The process begins by helping you bring the community together around a vision of the qualities you most want to have in your community. 

Values to Action assists this process by drawing on a vast body of knowledge that behavioral science has accumulated in the past forty years.  Our Founder, Anthony Biglan, PhD has summarized this knowledge in his book, The Nurture Effect, and it has inspired whole communities to use our assistance to make their communities more nurturing.  

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Shared Vision

We will help you create Action Circles that engage the community in taking effective action to advance your shared vision. Action Circles are small groups of people who come together for a limited amount of time to work on specific goals. The first Action Circle engages in a listening process that gets a large and diverse segment of the community to promote your vision, to assess the wellbeing of community members, and to identify the problems people most want to address. 

All Hands In

Identify Concerns

We then help you create additional Action Circles that define immediate steps that can be taken to address your most important concerns. In the process, we assist you in finding common ground, not by arguing about the things people differ on, but by focusing on the aspirations you have in common. 


Address Problems

We can help you address problems as diverse as disparities in reading skill, the reform of juvenile justice, the provision of effective services for children with developmental disabilities, reducing conflict, and the prevention and treatment of all of the most common and costly psychological and behavioral problems that plague communities.  In the end, your community will be healthier, happier, and more cohesive. 

"Imagine that your community is the most nurturing in the country..."


If you would like to learn more, we offer you a free consultation, where we learn more about your community and describe how we can help you move forward.

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