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Values to Action is a community of scientists, clinicians, and concerned citizens that seeks to leverage behavioral science, effect change, and make the world a better place for everyone.

together we can make a difference!

Values to Action guides people & organizations to come together around shared values and implementing strategies to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in their community. Using proven data from a convergence of human sciences, Values to Action has pinpointed the conditions needed to enhance human thriving:

  • Reducing harmful biological forces

  • Mitigating toxic social experiences 

  • Limiting opportunities and influences to engage in harmful behavior

  • Richly reinforcing all kinds of prosocial behavior

  • Promoting kind, compassionate mutual understanding

  • Nurturing psychological flexibility, which is a mindful approach to pursuing our values


We need to reduce toxic biological and social experiences and promote kind, compassionate, and prosocial behavior. From the level of individual interpersonal relations to community wellbeing and even the level of the actions of entire nations, it is vital that we promote these kinds of nurturing practices. To this end, we are creating small Action Circles that take the actions needed to advance reforms.



Nurturing Communities

We help communities overcome conflict by bringing people together around a shared vision of the qualities they want in their community.  We help them create an Action Circle to promote these qualities throughout the community and to identify and address the most important concerns and problems in the community.


We can come together to call for every sector of society– business, healthcare, education, criminal justice, media, and politics– to function for the benefit of everyone. 

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Join the Movement!

Membership Fee: $47.00 


All funds contributed to Values to Action will be used to:

(a) reach more people about the effort to build a more nurturing society

(b) support the work of Action Circles

(c) add content from members of the Values to Action community that helps others advance these efforts.

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