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Learn how you can help create a better world. 

This book is about how we can create a movement. Nearly all problems of human behavior stem from our failure to ensure that people live in environments that nurture their well-being. I am confident that, if we marshal the evidence for nurturing environments and use the advocacy techniques that worked so well for the tobacco control movement, we can truly transform society. Not only will we have smoke-free gatherings, but we will also have communities that see to the well-being of every member. We will have less crime, mental illness, drug abuse, divorce, academic failure, and poverty.

The Nurture Effect tells what we have learned in the past fifty years about what human beings need to thrive.  It describes family, school, clinical, and community interventions that make environments more nurturing. It is a comprehensive yet readable account of how we can create societies that ensure that just about every person arrives at adulthood with the skills, interests, values, and health habits they need to lead a productive life in caring relationships with other people.

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The Nurture Effect

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Praise for The Nuture Effect

"What a wonderful and truly beneficial gift that Anthony Biglan has given us!" 

- Kelli Komro, Ph.D.

Professor, School of Public Health Emory University

"The Nurture Effect is one of those rare books that draws from a lifetime of careful scientific study to provide clear prescriptions—in language, non-scientists can understand—about how to make our world a better place."

- Jacob S. Hacker, Ph.D.

Co-author of Winner-Take-All Politics

"Tony Biglan’s book puts forth a bold and thought-provoking plan to help every community ensure that our young people grow into caring and productive adults. It’s well worth reading."

- Senator Jeff Merkley

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