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Values to Action seeks a society that is founded on the value of ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.

The mistaken belief that everyone benefits when some people become very wealthy has shown to primarily benefit the favored few. We can bring communities together around a shared vision, creating a social movement that enables people to take effective action to urge that every sector of society– business, healthcare, education, criminal justice, media, and politics– functions for the benefit of everyone.
Learn more about The Nurture Consilience.

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Mission & Vision

We envision a more nurturing world, where communities are ensuring everyone's wellbeing.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors support the organization's vision to make a more nurturing world.

Meet Our Founder, Tony Biglan

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Our founder, Tony Biglan--an award-winning leader of worldwide efforts to evolve more nurturing societies, created Values to Action through a combination of 40 years of research and his two books, The Nurture Effect and Rebooting Capitalism.

The Nurture Effect focuses on how we can create societies that ensure that just about every person arrives at adulthood with the skills, interests, values, and health habits they need to lead a productive life in caring relationships with other people.

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Rebooting Capitalism presents a clear and actionable plan for how we can reform every sector of society so that harmful norms, behaviors, and practices are diminished and practices that support everyone’s wellbeing are steadily advanced.

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