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Nurturing Environments

Minimize Harm. Maximize Wellbeing.

We need to widely promote the norms and values that support the evolution of more nurturing environments. And on the basis of those values, we need to promote programs, policies, and practices that minimize harm and maximize wellbeing from Behavioral Specialists in Healthcare to Juvenile Justice Reform, Climate Change and more. 

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Nurturing Healthcare For Children With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Children with disabilities often need the help of a skilled behavioral specialist in order to cope with distressing diagnostic and treatment procedures. We are helping hospitals and clinics make these important services available.

Juvenile Justice Reform

Juvenile Justice Reform assists communities in creating a system that prevents delinquency and ensures that youth who commit delinquent acts get the services they need to develop successfully.


Climate Change

​Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will require the development, testing, and scaling up of diverse strategies. Changes are needed in virtually every aspect of society, from the activities of individuals and households to major systems of society (through effective policy change) such as transportation, energy generation, and food production and consumption.

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