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Climate Change Funding

Our Action Circle on Climate Change has spent the last two months setting up a system to reach Senators and Congresspeople about the dire need for increasing federal funding for behavioral science research on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our research has document an appalling lack of research experimentally evaluating strategies for reducing emissions. A systematic review of more than 1400 papers on climate change did not identify a single experimental evaluation of a comprehensive community intervention to reduce emissions. Our analysis of federal funding for research on reducing emissions documented in the appalling lack of funding for behavioral science research that could accelerate our ability to reduce emissions.

On this basis, our action circle developed a policy brief that calls for the allocation of at least 10% of the climate change research budgets of EPA, NSF, and the Department of Energy be spent on behavioral science research.

If you believe there should be greater funding for behavioral science research to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, please go here where you will find instructions on how to advocate for such funding. We’re asking that you send a pre-drafted (but modifiable) message to your state’s Senators and Congress people who control funding for the NSF, DOE, and EPA. Everything you need to contact them is provided.

Please comment any feedback or additional ideas about how we can achieve more funding for such research.


Climate Change Action Circle

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