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Major Corporations Are Funding Republicans who are Undermining Democracy 

According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), American corporations have given more than $18 million to politicians who voted to prevent President Biden from taking office and continue to deny that he won the election.  

Even after the January 6 insurrection, at least 717 corporations have contributed to the re-election campaigns of Congress members who tried to stop Biden from becoming president. 

Some of the biggest funders: 

  • Boeing ($346,500), 

  • Koch Industries ($308,000), 

  • American Crystal Sugar ($285,000), 

  • General Dynamics ($233,500) 

  • Valero Energy ($207,500) 

A substantial number of corporations reacted to the January 6, insurrection by saying that they would stop giving money to those who supported the insurrection.  But many of them have gone back on their word.  They include Toyota, Cigna, and AT&T. 


Corporations are also funding state leaders who are working to curtail the right to vote.  The companies include Boeing, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Aflac, Ford Motors, and Valero Energy said they would re-evaluate their giving. But these three companies have since given more than $300,000 to seditionists. 

And Trade associations are also funneling money to the seditionists:

  • Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers ($342,000),

  • National Association of Realtors ($303,000)

  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America ($270,000), 

  • National Electrical Contractors Association ($222,000) 

  • Credit Union National Association ($217,500) 

Corporations Funding Sedition Spotlight: 

Millions of people are opposed to what is happening.  But effective ways to push back against this threat to democracy have been lacking.  Values to Action has developed a simple system that enables you to push back against the corporations that are supporting the seditionist and by doing so are themselves seditionists.


The Boeing Corporation


“Boeing proudly serves a vital role with our U.S. government customer in defending democracy here, and around the world. The vote of the people and the peaceful transition of government are core to our democracy. Our company has a long history of working with elected officials over many years. In the spirit of bipartisanship, we encourage them to work with President-elect Biden to unify our nation.”
CEO: Dave Calhoun  

Speak out Against Boeing's contributions to seditionists

Despite this statement, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has identified Boeing as the number one funder of seditionists.  Since January 6, 2021, they have given $354,000 to House and Senate Republicans who voted to overturn Biden’s election and have continued to support the BIG LIE that Trump won the election.

General Motors


"GM PAC is committed to supporting and building relationships in a bipartisan manner, funds are contributed by GM employees and are distributed to support the election of U.S. federal and state candidates who foster sound business policies and understand the importance of a robust auto industry. [...] Character and public integrity aligning with GM’s core values are considered when making PAC contributions. [...] For 2021, as is standard in any contribution cycle, PAC contributions will be evaluated to ensure candidates align with our core values.”

Detroit Free Press, 01/11/21

Speak out Against GM's contributions to seditionists

Despite their statement GM has gone back to funding the seditionists.  Since January 6, they have given $86,500 to politicians or Political Action Committees that continue to claim that Trump won the election.  GM needs to consider whether the voter suppression and laws that enable overturning the results of elections are consistent with their core values. 

American Bankers Association


The American Bankers Association is a trade group that includes major US banks. On the day of the January 6 insurrection they released a statement saying “This is a dark day for our democracy…At this challenging moment for our country, and for so many Americans, our elected leaders must immediately condemn today’s mob riot…”Detroit American Bankers Association statement, Jan. 6, 2021

Speak out Against ABA's contributions to seditionists

However, since then, they have been given at least $200,000 to politicians who are actively working to undermine free and fair elections.



Five days after the January 6 insurrection, Fed Ex denounced the attack on the capitol and said it was reviewing all future political contributions.   They said, “We condemn the violence that occurred in Washington, D.C., and fully support the results of the U.S. general election.”

Speak out Against FedEx's contributions to seditionists

However, FedEx has since given $50,000 to members of Congress who opposed certifying the 2020 election. That seems inconsistent with supporting the results of the election.



"Our public policy activities focus on helping to build a constructive discourse in the political and regulatory environment while supporting policies – and policymakers – who share in our purpose and position us to better deliver these same ideals."

Pfizer Public Policy, Political Partnership

Speak out Against Pfizer's contributions to seditionists

Pfizer claims that “access to voting is very important for the democracy," however, according to Accountable.US, Corporate Donations Tracker [accessed 12/22/21], Pfizer has given more than $49,00 to Congress people who are supporting laws that restrict voting rights and allow Republican state legislatures to overthrow the results of popular elections.  In fact, they gave $6,850 to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who signed the bill that restricted voting in Georgia and took control of the voting apparatus.

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