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Speak out Against Pfizer's
Contributions to Seditionists

Values to Action is committed to respectful dialogue.  As much as we hate what the sedition caucus is doing, adding to the vitriol in public discussion is not going to solve our problems. We ask you to communicate in a respectful way that Pfizer's CEO and board members are undermining democracy and should cease all contributions to the sedition caucus.

"Our public policy activities focus on helping to build a constructive discourse in the political and regulatory environment while supporting policies – and policymakers – who share in our purpose and position us to better deliver these same ideals."
Pfizer Public Policy, Political Partnership

Pfizer claims that “access to voting is very important for the democracy,” however, according to Accountable.US, Corporate Donations Tracker [accessed 12/22/21], Pfizer has given more than $49,00 to Congress people who are supporting laws that restrict voting rights and allow Republican state legislatures to overthrow the results of popular elections.  In fact, they gave $6,850 to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who signed the bill that restricted voting in Georgia and took control of the voting apparatus.

Here are some suggested tweets: 

@Pfizer gave $49K+ to Congress people who support laws that restrict voting rights. Join us to #DefendDemocracy.

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