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Speak out Against General Motors'
Contributions to Seditionists

Values to Action is committed to respectful dialogue.  As much as we hate what the sedition caucus is doing, adding to the vitriol in public discussion is not going to solve our problems. We ask you to communicate in a respectful way that General Motors' CEO and board members are undermining democracy and should cease all contributions to the sedition caucus.

"GM PAC is committed to supporting and building relationships in a bipartisan manner, funds are contributed by GM employees and are distributed to support the election of U.S. federal and state candidates who foster sound business policies and understand the importance of a robust auto industry. [...] Character and public integrity aligning with GM’s core values are considered when making PAC contributions. [...] For 2021, as is standard in any contribution cycle, PAC contributions will be evaluated to ensure candidates align with our core values.” Detroit Free Press, 01/11/21

Despite their statement GM has gone back to funding the seditionists.  Since January 6, they have given $86,500 to politicians or Political Action Committees that continue to claim that Trump won the election.  GM needs to consider whether the voter suppression and laws that enable overturning the results of elections are consistent with their core values. 

Here are some suggested tweets: 

@GM stated that you only give to candidates who align with your core values. You have given over $86,000 to Seditionist #DefendDemocracy

@GM CEO Mary Bara and Board, please stop giving money to those who support sedition. #DefendDemocracy #ValuestoAction @v2action

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