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Taking Action to Prevent the Attack on Democracy Is 
the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do for Your Country 

If you have been avoiding news about the political situation in this country, it is understandable, and you are not alone.  But the time has come for every American to take a stand against the growing effort to undermine democracy.

Take Action Now!

What Can You do to Help Protect Democracy?


You may feel there is nothing you can do. You’re probably deeply involved in the daily events of life – family, work, education, and recreation.  It is for people just like you that we have designed a strategy that will enable you to make a difference by devoting less than an hour a week to the problem.

Our strategy focuses on the role that corporations are playing in funding politicians who support the Big Lie.  

Despite claims that they opposed the January 6 insurrection, many of America’s largest corporations have donated more than $15 million to politicians who support the Big Lie. 

The network of 1.7 million corporations in the U. S. are perhaps the most influential sector of society since there are no longer any restrictions on their ability to support politicians. 

We are focusing laser-like on corporations that are funding supporters of the Big Lie, because they are complicit in this unprecedented attack on democracy.  Click here to learn more about taking action now.

For more information or to share your suggestions and/or comments,

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How are they doing that?

There is an extensive, well-funded, and thus far successful effort underway to replace traditional democracy with a system controlled by people who pledge their allegiance to Donald Trump and a network of wealthy conservatives.  For a complete account, read Bart Gellman’s piece in the latest Atlantic

Why do we need to Protect Democracy?


They are doing everything they can to ensure their control of the government in the 2022 and 2024 elections:

Elections (1).png

Destabilizing Election Credibility

They’re destabilizing the credibility of U.S. elections through constant fraud claims and promoting the “Big Lie”. Right wing social media is putting out a steady drum beat of lies about the existence of fraud in the electoral process. Outrageous lies about voter fraud are going unanswered.

Mail In.png

Harder to Vote

Eighteen states have already enacted 30 laws this year that will make it harder for Americans to vote.


Among the methods of voter suppression are: 

  • Reducing the number of sites where people can vote.

  • Reducing the number of hours voting sites are open to vote.

  • Decreasing or eliminating early voting dates.

  • Eliminating mail-in ballots.

  • Questioning the validity of mail-in ballots in states where they are allowed.

Redrawing Lines

Enabled by Supreme Court decisions, Republicans are redrawing the state legislative and congressional districts in such a way that Republicans will win the majority of elections. For example, in North Carolina, where there are roughly equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats, the Republican-controlled legislature drew the map of congressional districts such that only three of the 14 districts are likely to be won by Democrats.

Redrawing Lines.png

Overturn Election Results

Republican legislatures in several states have given themselves the right to make the ultimate certification of the vote in any election in that state. They are curtailing the power of the Secretaries of State who have usually supervised elections. And they are seeking to get Trump allies who claim that the 2020 election was fraudulent elected Secretary of State in some states.

Free Speech.png
Passing Laws.png

Republican Controlled Legislature

Republican controlled legislatures that are the result of gerrymandering will lock in permanent control of those state because they have given themselves the power to overturn the results of popular votes that go against them.  


Trump Takes Power in 2024

No matter what the election results are in the state, Republican controlled legislatures will Appoint Trump electors and make him president, overthrowing the results of the 2024 Presidential Election.


How is the Republican Party able to do all of this?

Many wealthy individuals and corporations donate large sums of money to the GOP to fund Republican Senate and House Representatives who support this sedition. 


Click here to learn which corporations are funding which politicians.

What Happens if they are Successful?

The minimum condition of electoral democracy is that people can choose and replace their leaders in free and fair elections.

If the U.S. were to have an election in which

one party clearly won, not only the popular vote but also the Electoral College, but then the other party seized control of the White House, that would be the end of democracy in the United States.

What Will Result if we Don’t Act Now to Stop Them? 

  • Seditious Republicans will gain control of the House and/or Senate. 

  • Multiple rights in many states will be overturned:

    • Abortion rights

    • Voting rights

    • Freedom from police misconduct

    • Further erosion of public health

  • Intolerance, racism, and violence will increase throughout the nation 

  • The Return of Trump

As the matter now stands, there are an ample number of states that will have the power to overturn popular elections and pick a slate of presidential electors for Trump—just as Pence was urged to do at the certification of election results on January 6, 2021.  With the appointment of three Chief Justices, we cannot trust the Supreme Court to make sure this does not happen.


If Trump returns, we are sure to see: 

  • The overturning of all regulations and programs that would address climate change.

  • The Justice department prosecuting whoever Trump’s tells them to. Trump was furious at Barr for saying that it was a fair election, despite the many ways in which Barr violated norms regarding the Justice Department remaining independent of the White House.  Trump will not make the same mistake again. He will appoint a lackey who will do whatever he wants. 


  • Corruption at every level of government.  As the appointment of corrupt state and federal judges accelerates, it will become increasingly difficult to oppose any of the steps that Republican controlled states and the federal government take to advance the interests of wealthy people and corporations or to increase discrimination against minority group members. 

  • The impossibility of conducting free elections going forward. Of course, this may not happen in every state, but it will happen in enough states that the federal government will continue to be under the control of Trump and whatever authoritarians may follow him. And with the federal government in the hands of these fascists, it will be a reverse of the era when Democrats led the nation to significantly increase the freedom of black people. Just as the national government-imposed laws on states that required them to respect the rights of every person, a powerful autocratic federal government will further erode freedom and well-being in states that resisted this subversion of democracy.


Why is that a Problem?

Justice Department
Due Process
Constitutional Norms
Legal Precedents
Passing of Power

In essence, the U.S. would become like other countries, such as Russia and Hungary which have dictatorships and centralized military power which can be used against its citizens with impunity.



Simply lending your name to this effort makes a difference. Every person who joins makes it a little more likely that others will join.

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