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Taking Action to Prevent the Attack on Democracy Is 
the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do for Your Country 

If you have been avoiding news about the political situation in this country, it is understandable, and you are not alone.  But the time has come for every American to take a stand against the growing effort to undermine democracy.

Take Action Now!

The threat to Democracy



  • If not stopped, the sedition will give power to a small minority of Republicans. More Information


  • The result will be devastating for the Nation. Including the subversion of democracy with a powerful autocratic government. More Information  


  • Corporations are funding this sedition.  Since January 6, 2021, corporations have given more than $18 million to the seditionists. More Information

What You Can Do to Defend Democracy

Act Now


Make your voice heard that you do not agree with funding Sedition.



Simply lending your name to this effort makes a difference. Every person who joins makes it a little more likely that others will join.

Get involved with our efforts to Defend Democracy

Fill out the form to pledge to Defend Democracy:

  • Follow us on Social Media (sign up if you don't have them: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Like, share, and tweet/retweet to #DefendDemocracy

  • Get at least one other person to join this effort

  • Join the 11 Minute Strike for Democracy (Coming Soon)

Join our Value Democracy Movement!

Can we post your name publicly on our Pledge. Select an option.

For more information or to share your suggestions and/or comments,

email us at


Additional Ways You Can Push back against Sedition:

Follow us on Social Media:

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Like, share and tweet/ retweet our messages to Defend Democracy.

11 Minute Strike 2.png

We are asking that you join us to collectively, at the same time, take 10 minutes away from all online/internet activity once a week, and for the 11th minute, post on Social Media about defending democracy.

Click here to learn more about the 11 Minute Strike for Democracy


Or make an even bigger impact by:

Becoming a Values To Acton Member to support this and all of our Action Circles

Make a tax deductible donation to Values To Acton to support all of our efforts

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