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Speak out Against American Bankers Association's Contributions to Seditionists

Values to Action is committed to respectful dialogue.  As much as we hate what the sedition caucus is doing, adding to the vitriol in public discussion is not going to solve our problems. We ask you to communicate in a respectful way that American Bankers Association's CEO and board members are undermining democracy and should cease all contributions to the sedition caucus.

The American Bankers Association is a trade group that includes major US banks. On the day of the January 6 insurrection, they released a statement saying “This is a dark day for our democracy…At this challenging moment for our country, and for so many Americans, our elected leaders must immediately condemn today’s mob riot…” American Bankers Association statement, Jan. 6, 2021 

However, since then, they have been given at least $200,000 to politicians who are actively working to undermine free and fair elections.

Here are some suggested tweets: 

Ask @BankersPrez of the @ABABankers to stop giving money to seditionists ($200,000 since Jan 6). Retweet to #DefendDemocracy Join @V2Action


Share on Facebook (Copy, click link, paste):

Rob Nichols @BankersPrez is president and CEO of the @AmericanBankersAssociation . According to his biography, “Rob is a recipient of the Alexander Hamilton Award, the highest honor of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He also is consistently ranked as one of Washington’s Top Lobbyists by The Hill and was described as one of the “new generation of trade group CEOs” by the @washingtonpost.”

We suspect he is a decent human being who has simply not considered the implications of what the Association is doing by giving money to people who are actively working to end democracy as we know it.

Whatever they have done thus far, it is time for America’s corporate leaders to stand courageously to #DefendDemocracy.  #ValuestoAction

The leaders of the American Bankers Association (A. Scott Anderson, Daniel Robb, Julieann Thurlow, and Louise Walker) can be found at We need the friends and family of these leaders to tell them to give money to those who are working to defeat the seditionists. 

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